Technical data

Cut to lenght up to 32 tonnes
Strip/coil width 25-2,100 mm wide
Thicknesses 0,40-6,00 mm
Max length upp till 12 000 mm
Edge trimming/Trapeze cutting

Sheet metal

Comprehensive stock assortment of sheet metal with a thickness of 0,40 to 25,00 mm.

Sheet metal is sheared on our three cutting lines. Thanks to our double roller levellers, we can guarantee flat and tension-free plate. Our production lines also enable us to perform edge trimming so that we can offer sheet metal with narrower width tolerances.

We stock standard-length sheets and can also cut plate in custom lengths of up to 12,000 mm.

Full kontroll

Whether it is a question of standardised measurements or you as a customer have requirements of your own, we at HNP have the tools and know-how to fulfil your needs.


Packaging is available as per the wishes of our customers.

Paketeringen sker på träpallar / stålpallar med vikter upp till 5000 kg. Utöver palletiketten kan vi även förse med Odetteflaggor på pallarna om det önskas av kunden.

We use packaging made in Sweden.

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